What Is The Repair Method Of PPR Plastic Water Pipe Leakage

Feb 13, 2020

PPR plastic water pipe leak repair method:

1. Use a small hacksaw to saw off the leaking place first, and pay attention to keep the cutting edge flat;

2. Sand the newly exposed port with sandpaper, not too much;

3. Wipe the port of the PPR tube with a clean cloth;

4. Apply special glue to the port, and dry it for a while, then apply glue to the connector while it is at this time;

5. Connect the port to the “bamboo joint” and turn repeatedly until it is firm.

Leakage at the joint of the fitting is the part that accounts for the highest leakage rate. The reason for the leakage of the PPR water pipe:

1. The PPR water pipe has been subjected to water pressure for a long time. Vibrations of various reasons, such as water hammer, resonance, building environment vibration, and non-stop temperature changes due to earthquakes. The thermal expansion and contraction of water pipes, impact, and picking cause loose and mutated interfaces , Thermal energy, bending cause leaks in pipe joint changes.

2. Weak joints and poor durability of leaks at false welds cause long-term maintenance of water pipes.

Countermeasure should be selected when selecting PP-R water pipe:

1. Select good fittings and interface systems, good resistance to variability, and loose and leak-free joints.

2, choose a good pipe, corrosion resistance, high strength, durable and strong.

3. Adopt reasonable design and correct use, good construction and installation.

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